As we begin a “new season” of travel and business for World Dalmanation, I’ve been contemplating about what it means to bring value to the world.

Being anal-retentive about my reasons for existence, I always ask myself why I’m doing something. As asinine as it sounds, most of my activities are based on producing measurable results. They have a purpose attached to it like making money or growing an audience.

If I can’t do something that serves a purpose is it really worth doing? This is just one question that keeps me awake at night.

I have a serious problem.

Donetta has implored me to pursue interests for which there is no definitive reward. She believes in doing things purely for the sake of enjoyment. But aside from the joy of sex or hiking (which has its own amazing rewards, but not equal) my mind is wired to generate some sort of ROI with any task performed.

Because time is finite and we can never get it back, shouldn’t we make the most of it?

If I can’t bring value to the world around me, it feels like it’s a waste of time and resources. Doing something for the sake of doing it does not compute. Perhaps it’s not the right way of thinking but for me true fulfillment comes from giving something to others they will enjoy.

For example, many artists experience happiness from creating a masterpiece, but their real reward is when other people appreciate that work. Maybe you can relate to this in your professional or personal life as well.

Our legacies will be measured by what we do while we’re on this planet. If we piss it all away for only selfish gain, what good is that? The struggle is real.

How do I bring value to the world?

What value can we offer you?

Donetta and I love sharing our travel adventures on this website but we feel we have so much more to offer. It’s great people enjoy our stories (and we appreciate all of you who read them) but I want to make a bigger impact through our efforts.

So I keep asking what can we do to bring value to the world.

When we launched this blog, it was meant to be a personal journal of our adventures so when we’re old and crusty, we have something to look back on and remember. This is a platform for us to capture those memories. But I can’t shake the idea that we can bring more purpose to what we do.

We’d love to encourage people to live their dreams even when they think it’s impossible. We want to give back to great organizations and support local businesses. We desire to tell stories that inspire and educate on a variety of interests. And that’s just a start!

Some ideas we’re considering for 2021 and beyond.

  • Writing more about life including marriage, business, and wellness.
  • Shooting more video and doing a better job of documenting the adventure.
  • Interviewing and highlighting local businesses as we travel.
  • Launching an online store with photos, t-shirts, and other fun gifts.
  • Coaching or helping others discover and live their dreams.

There’s just more to World Dalmanation than traveling full time and we want to explore that so we can bring more value to the world and to our community of friends and family.

Can purpose and fun still coexist?

Sometimes I remember the days of my youth when customizing Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Levis 501s was about freedom of expression. It was a way to communicate how I was unique (or maybe weird) and it was exciting to be creative. Those were great times because it served a purpose and it was fun. Plus people enjoyed the artwork = NIRVANA!

But it all changed when I started making money from my artistic skills and turned it into a business. Unfortunately as time passed it all became about trading time for dollars. The focus changed from pure enjoyment to client focused results. Maybe therein lies the problem.

In a culture where importance is placed on likes, comments, subscribers, followers, or being an influencer, it makes it more challenging to combine purpose and fun these days. But I’m gonna try.

Going forward into 2021, World Dalmanation will try to blend the ideal of bringing value to the world while also being an exciting exploration of creativity and ideas. Hopefully it will be appreciated by more than ourselves and our mothers, but if it isn’t, then at least I finally listened to the wife and had fun doing it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Photos by Valentin Antonucci and Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

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