And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want, on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

– Randy Komisar

For most of our 30 years of marriage, we have have always dreamed of traveling the world.

Being a digital nomad couple has always been in our blood. We would spend countless hours talking about our thirst for adventure and the idea of living on the road. We wanted this lifestyle so badly we couldn't imagine our lives without it.

On July 14, 2020, we finally got the opportunity to take our journey of a lifetime. And there have been no regrets at all!

Digital Nomad Couple: The Dalmans
Dalmans and Medovishs

We've learned there are hundreds of other people with similar lifestyle dreams.

We've had so many incredible conversations with other couples or individuals from all walks of life who also want to become digital nomads. They desire to experience their own incredible adventures; they just don't know how to start.

It's because of these conversations, we've decided to do our best to help others make those traveling dreams a reality.

Hotel Crashers is showing people how to break free from the status quo.

We certainly don't know everything about traveling yet, but we definitely know how to build location independent businesses and follow our dreams! That's why we're writing a book and planning workshops across the country for 2022.

Our hope is inspiring people like you to take a leap of faith to discover the amazing opportunities in front of you.

Hotel Crashers Adventures
Hotel Crashers with Friends

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Donetta Dalman

Donetta Dalman

AKA: The wife, the voice of reason, the navigator.

Donetta Dalman is an Independent Scentsy Consultant who has earned numerous sales awards and incentive trips over ten years with Scentsy. She loves mentoring women and teaching them build successful home-based businesses.

Donetta is passionate about family, traveling the world, and holistic wellness. When she's not trying to keep James out of trouble, she spends her time reading a variety of books or hiking trails across the United States.

James Dalman

AKA: The husband, the creative, the control freak.

James Dalman is a creative guy who has done some really cool stuff during his life. He's the founder of RemainStrong, a lifestyle apparel brand, and served in the US Army Reserves despite hating being told what to do.

James is a prankster who loves breaking ALL the rules. He's passionate about WWII history, craft beer, hiking, and getting naked whenever possible. His mission is making the world a better place ... or annoying Donetta with his advances.

James Dalman
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