When you make the decision to get rid of most of your belongings and travel the road, it sounds like all fun and games until you start going through your stuff to get rid of it. haha! Especially when you’re sentimental about things like I am. 😉 Getting rid of stuff is hard! This is one area where I’m glad we’ve had plenty of time to work through things. It takes time to process it all and thankfully we haven’t rushed to do it all quickly.

Because it’s hard.

James has done really well with getting rid of stuff but I’ve had a little harder time with it. I feel like it gets easier and easier as we get closer but there have still been some challenging times. It’s definitely made me realize that we save WAY too much stuff, which just makes it harder on us now.

Don’t save it all

When you have sentimental attachments to tons of things it can be hard to let go. I feel guilty getting rid of some of those cute things our kids made when they were little. I want to keep those toys or special items we’ve kept all these years. So my advice – don’t save it all. If you have little ones, don’t make it hard on your future self…save a few things and let the rest go.

And besides the sentimental things, what about all the regular household things we have -decorations, dishes, furniture, etc. Do we sell it or get rid of it? Do we store it and use it again later? I feel like anyone who decides to embark on a life like this needs to make those decisions for themselves. There’s no right or wrong answer. But we’ve decided we don’t really want to pay to store things that we could easily replace later. And if we’re going to be gone for a long time it just doesn’t make financial sense to spend money to hold on to things that we aren’t even using. So things are going!

Getting rid of things has actually been quite freeing!

Getting rid of stuff can be hard for sure but it’s felt great to let stuff go, to have less clutter, to have a minimalist mindset, and to live with less. I mean that’s what we’re going to do from the road, right? 😉 We aren’t quite there yet but we are getting closer every day to reducing the amount of stuff we have to a reasonable amount that we can deal with easily.

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