We're really glad you're here.

Hello from World Dalmanation

We're James and Donetta Dalman (aka World Dalmanation) and we're stoked that you're here. There's a good chance we've met you along our incredible journey and want to say it was awesome to connect with you!

One of the greatest rewards of our adventure is getting to know people and making new friends all over the world. It's so incredible to experience different cultures, cities, and communities across the globe. It means everything to us and we're truly thankful for each and every opportunity.

Our passion is helping others pursue their own dreams.

We've met SO MANY people who want to pursue their dreams "some day" and we want to help. Maybe you want to launch that online business or travel the world. Whatever it is we encourage you to start now!

But there's some reason I can't ...

There will always be obstacles blocking us from moving forward; some reason why we can't pursue that dream. So we continue to place our faith in some day. What if that day never comes? Life can change in an instant and it's better to try and fail than to not try at all.

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey; you can take that step toward the adventure today.

But that's easy for us to say right? After all, we're living the dream.

There are SO MANY people blogging or teaching about "success" that it seems cliche to say you too can live your dream. Just buy this course, follow the step by step program, and you're on your way to happiness. But that's all bullshit. It rarely happens that way and the information isn't always honest.

Here's some transparent reality for you ...

Several years ago we were struggling financially and were over our heads in debt. There were days of very dark depression and deep sadness. There were so many reasons to give up but we continued to have faith, work hard, and never lost sight of our dream. Today our hope has become reality.

The truth is we aren't unique. Everyone has challenges or hardships. It's what we do with those circumstances that make the difference.

Why share this all with you?

Because you deserve the truth. In a day where influencers and coaches sell fake lifestyles it's important to be real. And by the way, World Dalmanation isn't selling anything -- no courses, no ebooks, no secrets to a six figure income.

Our purpose is to share stories of our successes AND failures so that hopefully you will discover encouragement on your own journey and live the adventure. That's it!

So how can we help you take those steps?

That's a great question! Since we aren't selling a course or a book, all we can do is encourage you to do one of the following (or all) options. Personally we'd love to connect with you, but you can always watch us from the sidelines too. Whatever we can do to light that fire, let us know.

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