A few months ago we did a poll on our Facebook page about changing our website name. The reason for contemplating a change was for a variety of reasons. Despite so many people loving World Dalmanation (we love it too) and asking us to keep it, we’ve decided to go with Hotel Crashers going forward.

I know, some of you will be bummed and disappointed, but let me explain.

Why we decided on Hotel Crashers.

For better or worse, I’m a visionary who sees lots of possibilities when it comes to business opportunities. While World Dalmanation is unique to us and different from so many travel blogs, it’s not the best name for a long term brand.

HotelCrashers.com is great because it’s easier to remember. It focuses on our lifestyle of “crashing in” or living in hotels around the world. We can develop a TV show around it (gotta think big) or build a YouTube channel that is fun and exciting. The new name also has an edginess that feels rebellious … and we all know how Donetta likes to push the limits and break all the rules. LOL! Plus I hope that search engines will pick up on it better, drawing in more traffic.

Finally I really long to build an online and offline community centered on the idea of traveling full-time. Being able to show others how to travel and experience an epic adventure is something worthwhile to do.

From a long-term business perspective, HotelCrashers.com just makes better sense.

World Dalmanation isn’t gone.

Instead of using World Dalmanation for our hotel living and travel site, we’ll continue to use it for our LLC. It really captures the essence of who we are and what we’re about. So no worries there.

Hopefully Hotel Crashers takes our dream to the next level. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for this name and what we want to do. Only time will tell.

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