I’ve always been a reader. I love books – non-fiction and fiction alike. I enjoy learning from a non-fiction book and I love the stories and the ability to escape into another world with fiction books. If you’re anything like me you love getting good book recommendations so I thought I’d share mine. I would love to hear your favorites too. Or if you’ve read one of these and loved it as well, I’d love to hear that too!

My favorite books: fiction

I’ve always been a fan of fiction and especially mystery books. When I was young I loved the Boxcar Children series and graduated into Agatha Christie books as I got a little older. I loved being able to try to figure out the mystery by the end of the book to see if I was right. I rarely was but it was fun! lol! I also loved Judy Blume books as a child and enjoyed the adventures of Peter, Fudge, Sheila, and others.

I’ve also always been drawn toward authors who write series. I love to finish a book and then pick up the next and continue with the same character(s). Some of my favorite series (with links to the first book in the series) are:

My favorite authors with stand alone books are:

  • Mary Higgins Clark
  • John Grisham
  • Agatha Christie (you could say some of hers are a series but the books can stand alone so I’m putting her here)
  • James Patterson (he has stand alone as well as series)

My favorite books: non-fiction

I spend a lot of time reading non-fiction books as well. I love reading books about self-development, business, nutrition/keto, faith, inspiration…just a big variety of things. Some of my favorite books are:

A great way to keep track of the books you’ve read and the books you want to read is to use the app (or website) Goodreads. If you connect it to your kindle app it will even keep track of your books for you! I love it! And it gives you recommendations, shows you when new books by your favorite authors are out, and so many other neat features.

I can’t imagine a life without reading tons of good books. I hope you’ve found great books that you love too! I’d love to hear what your favorites are if so. 🙂

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