Starting online businesses was the best thing we've ever done!

Traveling full-time and working as digital nomads bring up a lot of interesting conversations! Many people we've met assume we are retired or live out of an RV, but our story is truly unique from most of the people on the road.

We're not independently wealthy so we have to keep working. Luckily we started several online businesses years ago that allow us to work from anywhere. As long as we have a WiFi connection we can make money online and keep our dreams alive.

These lifestyle businesses provide us greater flexibility to travel and do what we want to do. However it's not all fun in the sun while money drops into our bank accounts!

Online businesses aren't any easier from other business ventures. You still have to work hard, make sacrifices, be committed, and have a passion for what you do. And success doesn't come from sitting around hoping for it -- you've gotta hustle like anywhere else.

Having the opportunity to set our own schedules and work from any location is incredible. We have a great balance of work vs. play. It's been one of the best decisions of our lives. Maybe we can even help you get started down the road.


I Love Scents is our Independent Scentsy Consultant website. Donetta has been in this business for nine years. Scentsy creates the most amazing fragrance delivery systems including warmers, wax, essential oil diffusers, cleaning products, and more!

eCommerce and Website Design

eCommerce + Websites

Now's the perfect time to build your online business or ecommerce store. Lean on my experience to grow your revenue and experience more freedom. From marketing strategy to website design, I'll help you make more profit while working less.



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