Ever since we started planning our world travel, we’ve asked the question of whether or not we should buy an RV. After all, why not take our entire home with us across the country? It makes sense in so many ways, but we’ve decided against it.

Buying an RV for full time travel makes sense …except for me.

Let me be real. I’d rather have another vasectomy with a root canal than attempt to drive with a 30 foot death trap behind me.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the idea of owning a retro Airstream with a fully stocked bar. Plus most newer RVs or travel trailers are nicer than my house. Donetta and I have looked at Class As, Class Cs, fifth wheels and toy haulers. There are some awesome options available with everything we could ever want or need. But I lack the balls to pull something behind me ever since the 1999 incident.

Imagine driving an 18 foot trailer down the highway at 65mph when you decide to look in your side mirror and see the trailer you’re pulling next to you!

Buying an RV is nit an option!

Yes, the very first time I pulled a trailer I had no experience and no knowledge of how to drive with one. The guys riding with me almost had heart failure as they experienced an epic fish tail that took up three lanes on I-35. I’m not kidding. To make matters worse, we also got stuck in a rain-filled ditch because I lost control of the vehicle. I still have pieces of the driver seat stuck up my ass from all the puckering that day.

While I can throw hand grenades and set up a claymore mine with absolute confidence, I’m scared to death of the trailer option. It made an easier decision of whether we should buy an RV or not.

Why not purchase a Class C or convert a van instead?

That’s a great question. It would be a lot easier to drive a home on wheels and a conversion van is something of interest, but it comes down to economics — we’re starting out on a tight budget. Either option would be too expensive and we don’t want to wait to go until we can afford that.

I have a friend who has converted a van and it looks amazing. Maybe I’ll convince Ryan to help me someday when we have the funds and time, but for now we’re packing everything we need into the Ford Explorer and heading out.

Couch Surfing. AirBnb. Hotels. The Back Seat.

That’s what we expect to be our homes for the foreseeable future. In the long run, investing money in an RV or travel van would be more cost effective, but it’s not doable. So we’re coming to crash at your house, and if you don’t answer the door, we’ll park the car in your driveway and sleep in the back seat.

Seriously, we do want to visit with the friends and family we have all over the United States and Europe. If you have room to let us stay for a few days, we’d appreciate it. We promise we won’t end up staying for a year like we did with Nelson and Susie Jenkins in Walworth, New York. : D

We’ll also rent homes with AirBnb and work some sweet deals with hotels. Donetta knows I’ll flirt with any man or woman working a hotel desk to get a better deal! Whatever it takes, we’ll find a place to pursue our dream.

Of course we’d love any advice or feedback. Should we buy an RV and travel that way or is the homeless nomad a better idea?

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