As part of our new World Dalmanation journey, our goal is to share our traveling experiences with you. This will include places we go, places we stay, and lessons learned along the way. This will remind us of the adventure when we get old, but since Donetta and I always can’t prove who was right, it’s also great for our bets against each other. 🙂

The other reason we want to document our journey is to help others who dream of becoming digital nomads. If our successes and failures can provide you with useful information or at least entertainment, then it’s a win for us all.

My Staybridge Suites Oklahoma City Review

It seems weird to talk about traveling the world only to immediately drop camp in Oklahoma, but we have some good reasons including a lake trip with my sister and brother in law, as well as unfinished business to take care of. So we needed a place to stay.

Staybridge Suites Oklahoma City by Quails Springs was our choice. OK, it was actually Donetta who booked the hotel so I can’t take credit. ; ) My only requests were I wanted a nice hotel with a gym and it had to have an outside pool. BOOM!

We’ve only been here two days and it’s been really good.

Staybridge Suites Oklahoma City has a nicer look and vibe for an extended stay hotel.

We have a full sized refrigerator and kitchen which is important for meals … especially for our keto lifestyle and to reduce costs. The room is clean and spacious and feels like an apartment. We have free wifi, cable, electricity, pool, gym, and a grab-n-go breakfast if we want it. The staff members at Staybridge have been extremely friendly.

Currently the rooms are $76 per night ($90 with taxes) and the hotel is close to many restaurants and awesome stores.

Another aspect of hotel life I enjoy.

It’s a known fact I’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Being in a hotel provides plenty of opportunities to meet new people like Larry and Joan of Minnesota. I met this amazing couple yesterday and talked about a broad range of topics including family, farm life, health, patriotism, and our thoughts about this pandemic.

Larry and Joan have been married for 45 years and even shared their tips for a successful marriage including having meaningful and open conversations, as well as take time to go “parking” or have date nights to keep things spiced up.

It was refreshing to have adult conversations without any heated arguments or judgement. We all need this in the world today and I’m thankful for my pool time with people like them.

Staybridge Suites Oklahoma City at Quails Springs is a good place to hang out and stay.

If you’re ever traveling through Oklahoma, I recommend checking this place out. The price with taxes isn’t the best value but it is a good experience and you’ll have easy access to major highways within minutes. You can shop until you drop or drive down the street to enjoy beers at Bricktown Brewery on Memorial Road.

Until next time!

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