In 2018 we got to go on a Mediterranean cruise as a Scentsy incentive trip and one of the cruise ports was Naples, Italy. The city of Naples wasn’t where we wanted to sightsee though so 8 of us booked a private tour of the Amalfi coast and Pompeii. I shared about the first half of our day in another post and wanted to share about visiting Pompeii in its own post. It’s a lot of pictures but it’s Pompeii. You can’t adequately describe it without lots of pics. 😉

As a “retired” homeschooling mom and someone extremely interested in geography and history, can I just say that visiting Pompeii was one of the most incredible experiences ever! It was so amazing to see it all and to see how much work the archaeologists have done to uncover all of this. It’s amazing to me just how much is still there and still intact. We had a tour guide that took us through the city and explained things to us and I very much enjoyed all that she had to tell us and all the stories she shared.

Take a look at all the amazing things we saw:

The entrance into the city.
The edge of the city and Mount Vesuvius in the background.
The city wall.
The main entrance into the city.
This would have been part of a home.
These are stepping stones that were there so the people could cross the street without stepping into it. The streets would have been full of water, mud, and even sewer so they allowed them to cross without getting in any of that.
Parts of this wall were made with lava. We learned that there had been a volcano eruption prior to the one that buried the city and the first one actually had lava that came down the mountain and they used the rock to build with. The 79 AD eruption did not send lava down the mountain though. Nothing was burned or buried in lava but was only buried in ash and pieces of the mountain that blew off from the eruption. The people died of asphyxiation because of the ashes or from toxic fumes from the gasses.
A courtyard with doorways to rooms off of it.
Frescoes that are still intact!
It’s amazing to me that this was all buried and then meticulously uncovered.
This didn’t work quite like I wanted but our tour guide told us to hold our hands up like this to see how big Mount Vesuvius was before it erupted. It was 6000 feet and after the eruption it was only 3000 feet. It lost a large portion of the mountain!
This is the museum area where they have all kinds of smaller items on display plus casts that they’ve made of people they found. This is one person plus we saw a dog and a small child. So sad.
Look at the detail in this marble door frame. Amazing that it was still intact. It’s covered by plexiglass to protect it.
A further out view of the door frame.
One of the main city streets.
This was the entrance to a home of someone who would have been more well off. Isn’t that tile work amazing!
This was the well water in the middle of the street. It poured out through the mouth of the face. You can see worn spots on each side where the marble has literally worn down into a groove where they would have placed their hand as they got water.
This street leads back to the bad part of town where the prostitutes and brothel were. 😉
Looking back down that street toward the main street.
There were signs above each little room and the men would point to what they wanted from the prostitutes because they didn’t speak the same language. James thought that was pretty nifty. 😉
Seriously these columns were amazing.
Walking into the bath houses – look at the detail of the ceiling! Incredibly beautiful but even more incredible it’s still there!
This was one of the baths. They had several different types of baths that were different temperatures – some were hot and others were not.
One of the theaters – it was amazing!
A closer look at the beautiful floor in the theater. 
This area was used for athletic things and gladiator training.
Another view of the training area.
You can barely see another large theater in the background too.

We spent at least a couple of hours here, walking around and seeing a lot of the city, but there was still so much more to see. I could have spent a few days here probably. ha! Even the grounds around it were pretty with beautiful umbrella trees and flowers. If you find yourself in western Italy, I definitely recommend visiting Pompeii!

Photos by Donetta Dalman

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